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Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions



Duration: 01/03/2014 to 31/08/2016
Funding: IEE - Intelligent Energy Europe

EIP's role in the project

EIP is managing the dissemination, exploitation and
take-up and as such we have been involved in:


  • Managing project-level communication and dissemination actions

  • Creating the project's visual identity and communication plan

  • Fostering the take-up of the CHUMS approach at the EU level by setting up and managing the CHUMS network

  • Designing project dissemination materials

  • Designing and updating the project website

  • Hosting events to transfer knowledge

  • Managing exploitation events 

  • Support for implementation sites on communication issues


The CHUMS project addresses the energy challenge of low car occupancy and the journeys in cities that cannot be accommodated by conventional public transport modes.


CHUMS aims at Improving the promotion, awareness-raising and uptake of existing carpool initiatives and schemes by focusing on the journey to work. It is based on introducing or strengthening three measures: an awareness-raising event - the Carpool Week, a measure aimed at retaining existing carpoolers by holding a monthly prize draw for carpoolers - the Mobility Jackpot Lottery and delivering Personalized Travel Plans, this introducing carpooling as a viable mobility option. Tapping into an abundant, unutilized resource of empty car seats - the CHUMS initiative aims at reducing congestion with very low costs compared to other measures (e.g. infrastructure for cycling and walking).

The CHUMS project main aims are to attract more users to carpool - creating a critical mass of users - through promotion campaigns to raise awareness that carpool services exist, demonstrating the suitability of carpool services to commuters, and providing added incentives to encourage car drivers to try it out. The aim of the project is to apply a composite CHUMS behavioral change campaigns in 5 'champion' cites that represent the scale of carpooling and the diversity of mobility mind-sets across Europe: Craiova (RO), Edinburgh (UK), Leuven (B), Toulouse (F) and Perugia (IT).

All of the 5 'champion cities' have existing car-pooling systems, at various stages of maturity, which serve 'closed' target groups such as work-places, large employers or universities.

Project partners

  • Vectos ltd, UK 

  • Taxistop, Belgium

  • Comune di Perugia, Italy

  • University of Aberdeen, UK

  • SC IPA SA, Romania

  • Transport & Mobility Leuven - T ML, Belgium

  • European Integrated Projects - EIP, Romania

  • Ltd, UK

  • Syndicate Mixte des Transports en Commun de

  • L'Aglomeration Toulousain - SMTC Tisseo, France

  • South East Scotland Transport Partnership - SESTran, UK

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