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Achieving climate-resilience through innovative sustainable mobility solutions.

FAST Track


Duration: 2021 to 2024

Funding: HORIZON2020


EIP's role in the project

Innovation Performance

In Fast Track, EIP is responsible for developing an innovation management strategy that will support the collection, tracking, and generation of knowledge.

The objective of this project is to facilitate innovation from other cities and from mobility experts who have interesting sustainable solutions.


Fast Track's goal is to help local authorities in achieving climate-resilience through innovative sustainable mobility solutions.

The project is addressing the challenges they face for more rapid delivery in knowledge, capacity, governance, data, evidence, and funding.

Twenty-four local authorities have signed up to the project, of which twenty will be known as ”Local Affiliates”, and four will act as formal Fast Track project partners (Ambassadors).

The Fast Track Innovation Community brings deliberately contrasting and wide-ranging urban, peri-urban, and rural mobility contexts for addressing innovation.

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