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Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems


Image by Handy Wicaksono

Duration: 01/12/2014 to 31/05/2017
Funding: HORIZON2020


EIP's role in the project

EIP is managing the Exploitation actions, focusing on active support to mobility stakeholders in Europe and is involved in Communication, Dissemination & Awareness raising. 

In MIND - sets EIP aimed to:

  • Generate a major uptake of the project's knowledge to the identified target groups

  • Create a coherent strategy for the MIND-sets exploitation in Europe

  • Provide training in understanding and applying the MIND-sets Decisions Support Guidelines to the stakeholders' groups

  • Initiate and facilitate the ”MIND-sets Knowledge Center” - the interactive decision making platform

  • Produce a coherent project identity and the project communication materials


Over the last 40 years, much has been learned from research studies about the travel behaviour of different groups of society. We know, for example, the social distribution of the types of journeys made, their mode, timing, length and duration. However, we still understand little of the underlying processes that drive mobility decisions. Is it possible to identify a 'mobility DNA' that manifests itself in different people, in different places and times?

MIND-SETS was born from the realisation that the current passage of mobility research was increasingly becoming a

'progress trap'; and that - to make innovative steps forward - there was a need to take a step back and re-examine the fundamental roots of mobility from all perspectives. With this view, the MIND-sets project provides a new approach to understanding mobility as part of the overall changing lifestyles of different population groups across Europe. The project assesses how we can better understand mobility at the level of lifestyle patterns, set against social / economic / technological trends: in short what are people's mobility mind-sets across Europe?

The MIND-SETS approach moves away from the analysis and prediction of specific types of journeys, or specific innovations to an analysis of mobility's role in defining the overall lifestyle and activity patterns of people. It is based on the combined analysis of emerging mobility trends growing on the intersection of technology, business models and generations-, and in-depth generational take-outs - consumer insights and adaptation when it comes to mobility.

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