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Addressing the issue of sexual harassment in public transport in Sub-Saharan countries.


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Duration: 2020 to 2022


EIP's role in the project

Communication and International Uptake

EIP is responsible for the delivery of the Research Uptake strategy and component capacity building, stakeholder engagement and communication actions such as:

  • Creating corporate identity

  • Creating project leaflet

  • Creating and managing a website and social media channels

  • Newsletters, local media, presentations, promotional

webinars, reading materials

  • Final publishable report

  • EMPOWER final conference & promotional webinars


Both men and women fear criminal behaviors and the loss of personal property when traveling, but women and girls are additionally very fearful of sexual harassment and forms of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). This problem is widespread in public spaces, transport systems, and working in the transport sector.

The EMPOWER project will answer the question of what kind of policies, programmes, and tools are needed to enhance women’s personal safety on public transport?

The project has gathered a consortium of highly regarded experts in the mobility field which will work together in order to support policymakers and other influential figures address the issue of sexual harassment in public transport and implement the necessary changes to create a safer environment.

The consortium will collect data and create a comprehensive evidence base as well as examples of good practice, develop a decision-making tool, disseminate key messages through various communication channels, create an uptake strategy, build capacity, create stakeholder engagement, and training workshops.

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