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Who We Are

We are an SME consultancy company based in Romania, providing consulting services for city authorities, operators, and the private sector. Our primary fields of work are in project and consortium management, stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues, awareness-raising, communications, and marketing on sustainability issues, securing funding and project support within European sustainable transport initiatives and EU structural funds.

Our goal is to take the sustainable development principles to a next level of implementation in European cities and beyond. We are committed to developing a better understanding of sustainable development principles and supporting the knowledge transfer and best practices between cities, regions, and relevant stakeholders.

Our focus is to work towards improving:

  • the quality of life in European cities

  • the communication between major actors at local and regional levels for more efficient implementation of sustainable development principles

  • the take-up of the results from the main-stream research on sustainability into the day-to-day activities of the cities

EIP has gained a solid reputation across the EU, by providing good quality services to local public authorities for over 14 years. Examples include projects delivered in Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia, and Turkey, in addition to Romania.

Our team is recognized for creating visibility for innovative mobility schemes across Europe. The main achievements in this respect are the results obtained in EC programmes, such as CIVITAS, where EIP's marketing strategies have developed citywide sustainability branding and awareness-raising campaigns to support SUMP development.


Our staff is skilled in defining, managing, and deploying dissemination and awareness-raising actions, capacity building, stakeholder engagement, innovation management, and policy recommendations in EU projects. 

EIP has solid experience in working with politicians and decision-makers in cities across Europe, successfully involving them in day-to-day decisions related to the implementation and assessment of their SUMPs (most recently in Romania, Italy and Poland).  EIP has a vast experience in supporting public authorities to improve their internal cooperation and the interaction with internal and external stakeholders.  Our team is skilled in establishing and managing multi-stakeholder groups to attain consensus on sustainable mobility initiatives.


EIP has developed a good cooperation with many cities, supporting them in securing funding within European sustainable transport initiatives and EU structural funds, and with the business sector. EIP also has good relationships within the academic environment, as it has many contacts in this field and actively supports different universities across Europe in accessing EC research funds. 

Company Expertise & Experience

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