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Our Gender Plan

Equality is not just a matter of gender balance, but also one of equal opportunities and the fair distribution of resources. The achievement of equality between the genders requires hav­ing a long-term, genuine desire to bring about change. Many parties are involved in allocat­ing resources and making appointments, and there are many considerations that need to be taken into account. When we are involved in our everyday work it is easy to quickly lose sight of equality considerations unless targets have been expressed and clearly incorporated and responsibilities have been clearly allocated.

This plan addresses the most important challenges involved in the EIP’s gender equality work during the forthcoming years. This plan was formulated taking into consideration the following aspects:

  • work-life balance and organisational culture;

  • gender balance in leadership and decision-making;

  • gender equality in recruitment and career progression;

  • integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content;

  • measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment

EIP is committed to giving all employees opportunities to develop and realize their professional potential, thus ensuring that the company provides consulting services for city authorities, operators, and the private sector. EIP aims to prevent waste of talents, particularly for women, who more often drop out of their career; improve decision-making by addressing gender imbalances to meet new opportunities for excellence.


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